2016 Scion iA – First Drive Review  Jun 29th, 2015 
Hyundai Creta Debuts in India. We Don’t Want It.  Jun 29th, 2015 
Last month, Hyundai India teased us with a rendering of its upcoming Creta SUV, and now we’re getting a look at the real thing that will be on the roads there starting this fall. We got excited. We shouldn’t have. Not surprisingly, the Creta looks like the Hyundai Tucson’s little brother, although while some subcompact […] 
Aaron Robinson: Roll the Crash Reel, Boys—How I Got (and Nearly Lost) My Job at Car and Driver  Jun 29th, 2015 
People often ask me how I got this job. The short answer: I knew where then–editor-in-chief Csaba Csere lived. I rode by his house one day on my bicycle, not coincidentally while he had a stack of résumés on his desk for an open position. I don’t remember much except swearing that, if hired, I […] 
Nissan Juke on Two Wheels: The Slowest, Most Incredible Goodwood Record Ever [Updated with Onboard Video]  Jun 29th, 2015 
I think you’ll agree with us on this point: This is the slowest, most impressive run we’ve ever seen up the driveway at Goodwood. Stunt driver Terry Grant took a Nissan Juke NISMO RS and carefully tipped it onto two wheels using a ramp just past the start of the hill climb. And then it really became a sight […] 
Lotus Confirms SUV, Because Of Course  Jun 29th, 2015 
You really can’t be surprised that Lotus has confirmed it plans to produce an SUV, with sales starting in 2019. But you can certainly ask—very politely, of course—whether this is an avenue really suited to what the British sports car maker does best. According to reports in Auto Express, the Lotus SUV will be targeted […] 
Hyundai Creta Debuts in India. We Don’t Want It.  Jun 29th, 2015 
Electric Bug: Bugatti Chiron Hypercar to Get Hybrid Powertrain  Jun 29th, 2015 
The upcoming Bugatti Chiron, likely to be the fastest supercar in the world, will be available with a hybrid powertrain on top of a regular powertrain with a gasoline engine. The confirmation came from none other than VW Group chairman Martin Winterkorn in an interview with the German tabloid Bild am Sonntag. The lengthy interview was […] 
Super Fast, Super Topless: Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster Confirmed  Jun 29th, 2015 
If Lamborghini drivers have two things in common, it’s that they like to drive fast and that they like to be seen driving fast. So we imagine that more than a few of Lambo’s wealthy bull riders will be thrilled to hear that the supercar firm has confirmed the imminent production of the mega-extroverted roadster version […] 
2016 Scion iA First Drive: It’s Not a Scion, But It Is a Really Great Small Car  Jun 29th, 2015 
The 2016 Scion iA is a great little car, but there are two things we’re all going to have to get over in regard to the new subcompact. First, Scion rebadged a Mazda 2 to bring the iA to life. And second: its awkward nose. READ MORE ›› 
Bentley With a Bond Connection Likely to Bring Big Bucks  Jun 29th, 2015 
This 1953 Bentley R-type Continental fastback, originally purchased by Ian Fleming for a World War II spy, is headed to Gooding & Company’s 2015 Pebble Beach auction where it may fetch nearly $2 million. Slightly more than 200 examples of the R-type Continental were built by Bentley starting in 1951. It was designed as a […] 
NHTSA Investigating Ford F-150 for Reported Brake Failures  Jun 29th, 2015 
Late Friday afternoon, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that it will open an investigation into 250,000 Ford F-150 pickup trucks built in 2011 and 2012, after numerous reports from customers who have experienced a loss of power brakes.The Detroit News reports that the NHTSA’s investigation involves 2011 and 2012 F-150s equipped with the […] 
Black Max: 2016 Nissan Maxima SR Midnight Debuts, Is Quite Dark  Jun 29th, 2015 
Black Max: 2016 Nissan Maxima SR Midnight Debuts, Is Quite Dark  Jun 29th, 2015 
The photo above, which at first blush appears to be a pair of taillights and exhaust tips floating in a dark, empty space, confirms what we’ve seen coming for a long time: The age of the factory murdered-out special is upon us. Nissan’s been in on the game for some time, having already debuted the black-painted-trim […] 
Bye, Bye, xB: Scion’s Boxy Hatch to Bow Out  Jun 29th, 2015 
The first-generation xB was the car that launched the Scion brand with a major bang back in 2003 (with an assist from the xA), but it faltered with a 2008 redesign and was never able to regain its momentum. Now Wards Auto is reporting that Scion vice president Doug Murtha has confirmed the model will […] 
2016 Scion iM – First Drive Review  Jun 29th, 2015 
2017 Audi A4: Less Weight, More Elegant Interior – Official Photos and Info  Jun 29th, 2015 
2017 Audi A4 Unveiled: Evolutionary, Retro, and Futuristic All at Once  Jun 29th, 2015 
Yes, the all-new Audi A4 is clearly an Audi. The new model, the ninth iteration of a vehicle line that has also been known as the Audi 80, Audi Fox, and Audi 4000, has moved to the VW Group’s modular-longitudinal MLB Evo architecture, but it still closely resembles the outgoing model—at least at first glance. […] 
The Continental: Killing Manuals, Dumb Exhaust Pipes, and Euro Electrics  Jun 29th, 2015 
Each week, our German correspondent slices and dices the latest rumblings, news, and quick-hit driving impressions from the other side of the pond. His byline may say Jens Meiners, but we simply call him . . . the Continental. German carmakers appear to still be on a crusade to get everyone to forget manual transmissions. Just […] 
2016 Scion iM First Drive: Curb Your Enthusiasm  Jun 29th, 2015 
Cruising down Pacific Coast Highway in a preproduction prototype automobile, you would think we’d get at least one knowing look. But we don’t. Here we are in a major hotbed of automobile culture—Los Angeles—in a car that probably no one around us has ever seen on the road, and exactly no one notices. We’re invisible. READ […] 
McLaren Making More Money, Planning More Megacars  Jun 26th, 2015 
Financial results press conferences rarely set pulses racing, even when the company concerned produces cars as exciting as McLaren’s. So while we can tell you that McLaren turned more than £495.5 million [$780 million] last year and made a pretax profit of £15m [$23.6 million], and also invests an impressive 20 percent of its revenue back […] 
Forget the Hellcat, Take This 730-hp Charger to Track Day—for 1/3 the Price  Jun 26th, 2015 
Deep Inhale: Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pak Revealed, Supercharged 354 Hemi Debuts  Jun 26th, 2015 
Watch Ben Collins Assault Goodwood’s Hill with a Mustang Shelby GT350R  Jun 26th, 2015 
The Goodwood Festival of Speed hosts an astounding collection of vehicles, from priceless antiques to legends of mid-century motorsports to the racers of the modern day. Taking place in West Sussex, England, it’s a hallmark event for British car enthusiasts—and a must-see for those hailing from elsewhere—and the hill climb, where important vehicles both old and new […] 
2015 Tesla Model S P85D Long-Term Intro: We Embark on Our First-Ever 40,000-Mile Test of an EV  Jun 26th, 2015 
It’s too early to know whether Tesla will amount to an entire chapter or a mere footnote in the annals of automotive history, but the company’s Model S will leave a record here at Car and Driver: We’ve embarked on our first full-length long-term test of a battery-electric car. (We previously conducted a four-month test […] 
2015 Tesla Model S P85D – Long-Term Road Test Intro  Jun 26th, 2015 
Forget the Hellcat, Take This 730-hp Charger to Track Day—for 1/3 the Price  Jun 26th, 2015 
Let’s face it; fast cars are expensive. Even a car with one of the best horsepower-per-dollar ratios out there, the Dodge Charger Hellcat, will run you north of $60 grand. So when a “Dodge Charger” pops up on eBay, one that makes more power than a Hellcat for one-third the monies, we’re going to take […] 
10 of the Best Driving Video Games Ever Made (Plus Ours)  Jun 26th, 2015 
An important part of loving cars is loving everything related to cars. For many of us that includes video games about cars. ----With a massive number of driving games on the market now, we look back to the beginning of driving-game time and pick out a handful that have brought us, and probably you, many hours of bug-eyed, sweaty-palmed pleasure. -- 
Deep Inhale: Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pak Revealed, Supercharged 354 Hemi Debuts  Jun 26th, 2015 
Let’s make one thing perfectly clear: Although it starts life with the body of a production Dodge Challenger, the latest Mopar Dodge Challenger Drag Pak is not a street-legal vehicle. What it is, however, is a factory-prepped car specifically geared for drag racing. It is also the vessel for the brand-new supercharged 354 Hemi V-8—not the V-10 […] 
Lotus 3-Eleven: Add Lightness, and a Massive Price Tag  Jun 26th, 2015 
We want Lotus to succeed, we really do. It’s to the company’s misfortune that “beleaguered British sports car maker” alliterates so well. But although it is still selling tiny numbers of cars, you can’t accuse Lotus of lacking confidence—it’s using this weekend’s Goodwood Festival of Speed to introduce a roofless two-seater based around its familiar […] 
2017 Cadillac XT5 Spied Completely Uncovered During New York Photo Shoot  Jun 26th, 2015 
Does the backdrop in the photo above look familiar? That’s because it’s pretty much the same hip, New York SoHo location that played host to the “Dare Greatly” Cadillac ad that introduced the world to the 2016 CT6 luxury sedan. This time, it’s playing host to the all-new Cadillac XT5, the replacement for the SRX […] 
Turbo Time: Lexus IS200t to Replace IS250  Jun 26th, 2015 
The Lexus IS has been an outlier among compact luxury sedans, with its V-6–only engine lineup. Well, no more. Lexus has unveiled the IS200t, which will use the brand’s 2.0-liter turbo four-cylinder and which will replace the IS250 as the entry model in the series. The 2.0-liter is currently in the NX200t, where it makes […] 
Turbo Time: Lexus IS200t to Replace IS250  Jun 26th, 2015 
Mazda Miata Could Also Spawn Second-Gen Toyota and Subaru Sports Cars  Jun 26th, 2015 
Is there nothing the new Mazda Miata cannot do? We’ve been singing its praises since the new model debuted, and other carmakers also seem to be hip to the little Mazda’s greatness. We already knew that Fiat will resurrect the 124 Spider using the Miata as a base. Now it appears that Toyota is eying […] 
Audi’s Latest Quattro Project Is an All-Wheel-Drive Moon Rover  Jun 25th, 2015 
Audi’s Quattro all-wheel-drive system appears in a lot of different vehicles, from the small and sort-of-affordable A3 mini-luxury sedan to the fire-breathing R8 supercar. Now, Audi is taking Quattro even further—to the moon, in fact, as a technical support partner for the Part-Time Scientists team competing for the Google Lunar XPrize. The competition, sponsored by […] 
Watch the Ford Focus RS Oversteer Like Mad, Hear It Snarl Like a Beast [Video]  Jun 25th, 2015 
Lego’s New Ferrari F40 Kit Is the Ferrari F40 of Lego Kits  Jun 25th, 2015 
Lego’s New Ferrari F40 Kit Is the Ferrari F40 of Lego Kits  Jun 25th, 2015 
Whoever runs Lego’s design department has excellent taste in cars, at least judging by which classic models have been turned into Lego Creator kits. The Mini Cooper. The 1962 Volkswagen Camper Van. The Mercedes-Benz Unimog. And now the Ferrari F40. Yes, Lego’s latest true-to-the-original car kit is a $89.99 Ferrari F40. Not only does that […] 
Group B For You, For Me! MTM Announces 421-hp Audi A1 Quattro Group B  Jun 25th, 2015 
Audi’s diminutive A1 remains frittata non grata here in the United States. Elsewhere, it’s a small car for people who need a small car, but would prefer a veneer of Ingostadtian niceness applied to the thing. Roland Meyer, former Audi engineer and current proprietor of the MTM tuning house, decided he’d give the little runabout […] 
Nissan Juke-R 2.0: The Insane Crossover Gets a Refresh, (Even) More Power  Jun 25th, 2015 
It would appear as though Nissan’s sense of humor hasn’t diminished since first creating—and then putting on sale—the 545-hp, all-wheel-drive Juke-R, a regular Juke force-fed a GT-R supercar’s running gear. That’s because, following a refresh of the pedestrian Juke, Nissan is giving the Juke R an update as well. Since a typical nip/tuck and infotainment […] 
C/D Tested: The 10 Quickest Cars for 2015 Under $25,000  Jun 25th, 2015 
Watch the Ford Focus RS Oversteer Like Mad, Hear It Snarl Like a Beast [Video]  Jun 25th, 2015 
Last year at this time, Ford debuted the refreshed 2015 version of its hot Focus ST at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in the U.K. This year, Ford is tackling the famous hill climb with a car that could make one forget all about the ST, at least for a minute: the wicked, all-wheel-drive Focus […] 
Nissan Juke-R 2.0: The Insane Crossover Gets a Refresh, (Even) More Power  Jun 25th, 2015 
EyePatch: Subaru Recalling 72,000 Vehicles for Faulty EyeSight Safety Tech  Jun 25th, 2015 
Subaru’s camera-based EyeSight bundle of active safety features has a flaw, at least in 72,000 2015 Impreza, XV Crosstrek, Legacy, and Outback, models as well as certain 2016 WRXs. Therefore, Subaru is recalling those vehicles, as a faulty brake-light switch can render the automatic braking portion of EyeSight’s capabilities inoperative, potentially leading to a crash. 2016 […] 
Cruise Like Crockett and Tubbs for Only $3500!  Jun 25th, 2015 
2015 Infiniti QX80 Review: House of Luxe  Jun 25th, 2015 
We have entered the era of 1990s nostalgia—Kurt Cobain documentaries, the return of Jerry Seinfeld (in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee), and the reemergence of opulent, gas-guzzling, full-size SUVs. It’s true that sales of compact crossovers—and even subcompact crossovers—are booming, but the big-SUV market is still rich. When the Infiniti QX56 debuted in 2004, it […] 
Cruise Like Crockett and Tubbs for Only $3500!  Jun 25th, 2015 
Ferraris are great but the problem with them is they’re so darned expensive. That’s why we were excited to see this vintage ’87 model on eBay, which immediately brought back all those Miami Vice memories from back in the day. With the ask on this sinister, black-on-black example only $3500, how can you go wrong? […] 
2015 Infiniti QX80 – Quick-Take Review  Jun 25th, 2015 
KBB Raises 2015 Sales Forecast to 17.1 Million Units  Jun 25th, 2015 
Kelley Blue Book said today that it expects June sales to total 1.5 million units, which would push first-half and second-quarter sales totals to their highest levels since 2005. The firm also raised its 2015 sales forecast from 16.9 million to 17.1 million. 
Hudson Cook Adds Partner to D.C. Office  Jun 25th, 2015 
Hudson Cook has announced the addition of Rebecca E. Kuehn as a partner in its Washington, D.C. office. 
Protective Asset Protection Receives 2015 Dealers’ Choice Award  Jun 25th, 2015 
Protective Asset Protection was named a Platinum winner in the vehicle service contract provider category of Auto Dealer Monthly’s 2015 Dealers’ Choice Awards. 
Supreme Court Upholds Disparate Impact  Jun 25th, 2015 
In a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court held that disparate impact claims are cognizable under the Fair Housing Act, dashing the hopes of industry insiders who believed a ruling against the controversial legal theory would put a kibosh on the CFPB’s actions in auto lending. 
Toyota Builds the World’s Most Bad-Ass Minivan—from a Sienna  Jun 25th, 2015 
Toyota has only just broken ground on its new U.S. headquarters, in Plano, Texas, and it appears there’s already been a cultural rub-off. As evidence, we present this lifted, 4×4 Sienna minivan. Perched high atop the chassis of a Toyota Tacoma pickup, this former mom-mobile now rolls on ultra-wide, off-road tires, and features cool, rear-hinged […] 
Watch the Bentley Bentayga SUV Barrel Through Snowy Sweden in New Video  Jun 25th, 2015 
With the official reveal of the Bentley Bentayga coming later this summer, it won’t be long now before the SUV comes in from the cold. Before then, however, we get to watch it out in the cold one more time—undergoing winter testing in Sweden—in pictures and a video released by Bentley. The Bentayga shown here is […] 
Ford Focus RS Horsepower and Torque Confirmed—You Will Not Be Disappointed  Jun 25th, 2015 
The Volkswagen Golf R? The Subaru WRX STI? Ford rooster-tails sand in their faces with the announcement that the awesome new Focus RS will make a staggering 345 horsepower from its 2.3-liter EcoBoost four-cylinder. The VW packs 292 horsepower, the STI 305. Ford claimed “more than 315 horsepower” when it first detailed the car in February, and this announcement […] 
Ford Focus RS Horsepower and Torque Confirmed—You Will Not Be Disappointed  Jun 25th, 2015 
Can You Unlock GM’s 4G LTE and Use Mobile Carriers Besides AT&T?  Jun 25th, 2015 
By now you’ve almost certainly heard about 4G LTE. Yes, that 4G LTE, the fast data connection which is being built into seemingly every OnStar-equipped Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, and Cadillac vehicle—as well as many vehicles from other manufacturers—as this is being typed. GM’s 4G LTE service is provided by AT&T, meaning that when the data service’s free […] 
The New Acura NSX Is Your Pikes Peak Pace Car  Jun 25th, 2015 
This Sunday, plenty of wild machinery will be scrambling up the hill at the 93rd running of the Broadmoor Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. The next-generation Acura NSX won’t be the fastest by a long shot—but as the official pace car of the legendary hill-climb, it’ll be out in front for the entirety of at […] 
2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia: A Stunning Sports Sedan Headed for America – Official Photos and Info  Jun 25th, 2015 
Dashing Your McFly Fancies: Yes, Lexus Has a Hoverboard. No, They Won’t Sell One to You [Video]  Jun 25th, 2015 
Since the whole world’s been going PCP-laced bananas over this whole Lexus hoverboard video, we figured we’d call Lexus U.S. PR chief Moe Durand for comment. “This is Maurice.” “Hey! It’s Davey Johnson from Car and Driver.” “Are you talkin’ about the hoverboard?” “Yeah, how’d you know?” “Everybody else on the planet is. Can I […] 
2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Unveiled: A Stunning Sports Sedan Headed for America  Jun 25th, 2015 
  The next new Alfa product after the 4C sports car would be a sedan, we knew that much. And that was well and truly confirmed once blurry photos of the new Alfa hit the internet a day before the official unveiling. But even so, very little concrete information had been known about the new […] 
2016 Chevrolet Cruze Unveiled: Second-Gen Is Lighter, Stronger, and Tech-ier  Jun 24th, 2015 
No vehicle in Chevrolet’s lineup is more apple-pie-and-baseball American than the Silverado pickup truck, and it fits that it’s the brand’s bestselling model in the U.S. Leave our borders, however, and a rather different Chevrolet model carries the bow-tie standard: the Cruze. Indeed, the small car has attained top sales status for the Chevy brand […] 
2016 Chevrolet Cruze: The Second-Gen Car Arrives Lighter, Stronger, and Tech-ier – Official Photos and Info  Jun 24th, 2015 
2015 Toyota Prius C Review: Slow Sipper  Jun 24th, 2015 
Overview: Introduced for the 2012 model year, the C is the smallest member of Toyota’s expanding Prius family, as well as the least expensive. It’s also the thriftiest around town, according to the EPA, although the standard Prius scores slightly higher ratings in the highway cycle. (We averaged 39 mpg in our last test of […] 
2015 Toyota Prius C – Quick-Take Review  Jun 24th, 2015 
Courtesy Call: Chevrolet Adding Real-Time Theft-Alarm Notifications to OnStar Capabilities  Jun 24th, 2015 
Chevrolet, and many other OnStar equipped GM vehicles, will soon have the capability to alert system subscribers in real time via a phone call, text, or email when their vehicle’s alarm sounds, signaling that their car may be in the process of getting ganked. 
Next Ford Super Duty Will Have More Cameras than a Small Movie Crew  Jun 24th, 2015 
Ford Motor Company refuses to be left behind in the race to the top of the cameras-per-vehicle heap: The company announced that the next generation of F-250 and F350 Super Duty trucks will come equipped with up to seven cameras. That’s more lenses than some small-budget movie productions. At Further With Ford, the Blue Oval’s annual […] 
Jeep Recalls 164,000 Cherokees for Electrical Fire Risk  Jun 24th, 2015 
Fiat-Chrysler just announced a recall affecting 164,000 Cherokee SUVs from the 2014 and 2015 model years, citing a problem with the optional power liftgate that can lead to water leaks and potentially cause an electrical fire. The recall includes 99,436 Cherokees in the U.S. equipped with power liftgates. Jeep says moisture can enter the power-liftgate […] 
2016 Mini Clubman Officially Unveiled: They Say Shooting Brake, We Say Station Wagon  Jun 24th, 2015 
When the Mini Clubman was launched in 2007, the company refused to describe it as a “shooting brake”—although with its elongated tail, its two-door concept with an additional half-door, and its altogether sporty demeanor, it met the very definition of that traditionally European vehicle type. With the new model, set to reach U.S. dealers in […] 
It’s Gotta Have Some of Your Attention: Ford Offers Special Edition Packages for 2016 F-150  Jun 24th, 2015 
HOLY VESUVIUS! Hear Alfa Romeo’s New Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde Get Wicked [Video]  Jun 24th, 2015 
While Alfa Romeos have often been about some form of speed, they’ve never necessarily had much to do with outright Paul Bunyan–grade brawn. Hurl any allegations of effete namby-pambyness out the window, because the twin-turbo-V-6–powered Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde makes 503 horsepower and sounds like the ripping of God’s own Zegna trousers. Proof? Have a long, lustful […] 
It’s Gotta Have Some of Your Attention: Ford Offers Special Edition Packages for 2016 F-150  Jun 24th, 2015 
The big news last year, of course, was that Ford had moved its juggernaut F-150 from a conventional steel structure to an aluminum one. For 2016, the madness has calmed down quite a bit. We’ve already noted that Ford will be replacing the super-janky MyFord Touch infotainment system with Sync 3, and we’ve covered Ford’s […] 
2016 Mini Cooper Clubman Revealed: Another Bigger, Four-Door Mini – Official Photos and Info  Jun 24th, 2015 
2016 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible Revealed, Arrives Next Spring  Jun 24th, 2015 
It’s official: the new 2016 Chevrolet Camaro is flipping its lid. While this is perhaps near the delay of the Tesla Model 3 at the bottom of the scale of surprising automotive news, it is far more pleasing to hear. READ MORE ›› 
Ford Mustang Shelby GT350R-C to Make Racing Debut this Weekend  Jun 24th, 2015 
The competition version of Ford’s Mustang Shelby GT350R, the GT350R-C, will take to the track for the first time this coming weekend, in the IMSA Continental Tire SportsCar Challenge at Watkins Glen, New York. Like the upcoming street car, the GT350R-C is powered by a 5.2-liter flat-plane crankshaft V-8. Compared to the GT350R, the racing […] 
Ford Escape, Transit Connect Recalled for Dimwitted Dash  Jun 24th, 2015 
Ford is recalling certain 2014 and 2015 Escape SUVs and Transit Connect vans for an instrument-panel issue. The gauge cluster and dashboard warning lights can quit working. Some 203,500 vehicles are affected. According to Ford, the instrument cluster, warning lights, message function, and warning chimes may not work when starting the vehicle. Affected models are […] 
2016 Chevrolet Camaro Convertible – Official Photos and Info  Jun 24th, 2015 
Exeter Finance Appoints New Executive VP  Jun 24th, 2015 
Exeter Finance Corp. has announced Martin Evans as executive vice president and chief human resources officer, effective June 29. 
Honor Finance Secures New Funding Facility  Jun 24th, 2015 
CIVC Partners’ portfolio company, Honor Finance, has established a new funding facility with Wells Fargo Securities. The new facility provides a substantial increase in funding capacity. 
The Rime of the Gaydon Mariners: Aston Martin Announces 2016 DB9 GT, Updates to Vantage and Rapide S  Jun 24th, 2015 
The Rime of the Gaydon Mariners: Aston Martin Announces 2016 DB9 GT, Updates to Vantage and Rapide S  Jun 24th, 2015 
There’s something about the older Aston Martins in the company’s lineup. The Vantage GT, while outclassed on paper by the Z06 and V8 F-Type, manages to retain an analog sports-car feel that’s wholly charming in its own right. And the DB9, despite 11 years in production, remains an involving, lovely thing to drive. It is, […] 
Top NJ Automotive Tinting Company,, Becomes Authorized Autobahn Dealer for Huper Optik  Jun 24th, 2015 has become an authorized Autobahn Dealer for Huper Optik tinting products. 
2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE-class Driven: Change of Name, Not Mission  Jun 23rd, 2015 
When the Mercedes-Benz M-class was launched back in 1997, luxury SUVs were more of a “wait, what?” kind of thing than an idea whose time had come. Lincoln had just introduced the Navigator, while the Cadillac Escalade and the BMW X5 were still incubating. Range Rovers had been around, but here in the U.S., they […] 
Still Counts? Toyota Going Racing at Pikes Peak with a Lexus and a Scion  Jun 23rd, 2015 
The annual Pikes Peak International Hill Climb approaches, and thus begins the flood of reveals for the many and varied rides that will attempt the time-trial race. Toyota has already jumped into the fray, confirming that it will again campaign a modified Scion FR-S at Pikes Peak, while Lexus rejoins the festivities with an RC F […] 
2016 BMW 4-series Coupe and Convertible: A Bit More Show, a Bit More Dough  Jun 23rd, 2015 
Sport for all is a theme of the 2016 BMW 4-series. The optional Sport Line body kit, which had been priced from $1550 to $2100, will become standard on every model. Of course, just because it’s standard doesn’t mean the sporty body is free: The entry-level 428i coupe is now $1145 more, at $42,845 with […] 
2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE-class – First Drive Review  Jun 23rd, 2015 
2016 Mercedes GLE450 and GLE63 AMG Coupe Driven: If BMW Jumped Off a Bridge, Would You?  Jun 23rd, 2015 
There is strength in numbers, something you discover as a child when you commit some heinous offense against adult society and then try to blame your peers: “But everyone was doing it!” In my household, that protest was always met with the rejoinder, “If all the other kids decided to jump off a bridge, would […] 
2016 Mercedes-Benz GLE-class Coupe – First Drive Review  Jun 23rd, 2015 
CUEd Up: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, CUE Updates Coming to 2016 Cadillacs  Jun 23rd, 2015 
GMC Adds Apple CarPlay to Yukon, Sierra, and Canyon, Misses Opportunity to Call It TruckPlay  Jun 23rd, 2015 
General Motors’ truck-slinging division, GMC, has announced that it is following its corporate brethren at Chevrolet, Buick, and Cadillac in offering Apple’s CarPlay connectivity. For 2016, Sierra and Canyon pickups and Yukon and Yukon XL SUVs equipped with the seven- or eight-inch IntelliLink infotainment touch screens will have CarPlay functionality, which allows occupants to mirror some smartphone apps directly on […] 
2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia Spied Before Its Unveiling!  Jun 23rd, 2015 
This booty shot of the 2017 Alfa Romeo Giulia that we spotted on Twitter won’t exactly break the internet, but this is our first glimpse at the Italian sports sedan before its official debut Wednesday. Someone snapped a photo at the Alfa factory museum outside Milan, where the international press will observe the company’s triumphant reentry into the sports-sedan […] 
CUEd Up: Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, CUE Updates Coming to 2016 Cadillacs  Jun 23rd, 2015 
As much as we love driving the current generation of Cadillacs—see for example our recent reviews of the ATS-V sedan and coupe, or our long-term wrap-up of our CTS Vsport—we remain frustrated and annoyed with the brand’s CUE touch-screen infotainment interface. Come 2016, however, most Cadillacs will get Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, which could […] 
GMC Adds Apple CarPlay to Yukon, Sierra, and Canyon, Misses Opportunity to Call It TruckPlay  Jun 23rd, 2015 
CFPB: Consumers Will Soon Receive Ally Payout  Jun 23rd, 2015 
A CFPB official disclosed in a June 15 blog post that the administrator of the Ally settlement fund has begun contacting and mailing checks to borrowers who were affected by Ally’s alleged discriminatory auto lending policies. 
Equifax, 700 Credit Expand Partnership  Jun 23rd, 2015 
The two firms announced today that they have expanded their relationship to provide dealers and their F&I offices with a fully integrated income and employment verification solution. 
Defender Splendor: Land Rover Creates One-Off to Celebrate 2 Millionth Defender  Jun 23rd, 2015 
Although we’re not hot on the rules of cricket, that most English of games, we’re pretty sure that 2,000,000 Not Out would be considered a good score. And now Land Rover is celebrating that benchmark for the Defender with a special edition model that is set to be auctioned for charity. Of course, the U.S. […] 
2016 Buick Regal, LaCrosse to Offer Apple CarPlay and Android Auto Integration  Jun 23rd, 2015 
You guessed it: With fellow General Motors brand Chevrolet bringing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto phone-mirroring capability to 14 models for 2016, Buick couldn’t be far behind. And it isn’t. The entry-luxury automaker announced it is including Apple CarPlay and Android Auto with every 2016 LaCrosse and Regal model. Get Yourself Connected, the Writing’s on […] 
Defender Splendor: Land Rover Creates One-Off to Celebrate 2 Millionth Defender  Jun 23rd, 2015 
Charging the Light Brigade: Morgan Showing Off Fully Electric 3-Wheeler  Jun 23rd, 2015 
To be Britain’s most eccentric sports-car maker is the sort of achievement that rivals being acknowledged as New York’s worst taxi driver; you have to be outstanding to rise above such a talented field of challengers. And yet Morgan lifts the crown, combining contradictions like no other automotive player. This is the manufacturer that builds […] 
NAMAD, EFG Announce Northwood University Scholarship Recipient  Jun 23rd, 2015 
EFG Companies, together with the National Association of Minority Automobile Dealers, has selected sophomore Javante Dilworth as the recipient of their Northwood University private donor scholarship. 
Car and Driver Tested: The 10 Quickest Cars of the 21st Century (So Far)  Jun 23rd, 2015 
Every single car on this list bursts from zero to 60 mph before the second hand ticks three times. 
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